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Ibtida is a platform that merges scientific innovation with the goal of decarbonizing products through the means of social entrepreneurship that empowers the local communities of artisans to upscale their skills and expertise.

We, at Enactus Aryabhatta, synergistically collaborated with GreenJams to manufacture and promote products made out of their flagship innovation, Agrocrete, a first-of-its-kind patented carbon-negative material made from crop residues and non-toxic industrial by products to replace homeware products made of out plastic and other hazardous materials.

The ideals of Project Ibtida seek to empower the local communities of traditional handmade craftsmen, artisans, and potters, thereby, generating employment opportunities.


To accomplish these goals, we collaborated with "Prabhaav NGO” which connected us with artisans belonging to the impoverished sections of the population. Enactus Aryabhatta along with the mentors of GreenJams provides these artisans the required vocational training and development to manufacturing products by harnessing their crafting skills.

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